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business finance software

Business finance software is an indispensable organizational tool. The business finance software is used to manage your company’s accounts. The business finance software gives companies and organizations an affordable way to keep a track of payments, create invoices and organize finances with a single computer program. The Human Resource department in a company can manage employees, the company and the customer financial information in a better way. The business finance software is also a great tool for running audits or discrepancies.

There are many providers of business finance software where some are simply freeware and others are highly complex systems for nearly all accounting needs.

The providers of the business finance software offer various features for an organization’s Human Resources and the Payroll departments, among other groups. There are some programs that can be customized to your industry or business. Below are some of the features the organizations should look out for when working with business finance software:

  • Check for the security and features available to keep your information safe.
  • Check for the customization options that adjusts the software to your needs.
  • Check for the compatibility of the business finance software with other programs.

1) Choose a business finance software supplier that offers security features:

Businesses are just as susceptible to identity theft and fraud as individuals, so the companies that use business finance software should find out what the program can do to keep all their information safe and secure. Some security features ensure tools that prevent data tampering, number accuracy daring audits and features that can detect suspicious transactions. 

A recommended software is ‘Peachtree’ by Sage. It provides many security features for its business finance software. There was an article in the ‘Resources for Entrepreneurs’ about the possibility of business theft, should your business finance software for accounting be hacked. The businesses that are worried about their security could also install programs like PC Security Tweaker. This is a comfortable way to protect your business finance software by adding an extra security layer.

2) Explore a business finance software that also provide marketing solutions:

Working with business finance software can be more affordable and convenient when the program includes Customer Resources Management (CRM) and other marketing tools. Web based business finance software generally includes CRM and other marketing components that can help you organize order management, marketing campaigns and customer information. This provides an all-in-one financial management system for your organization.

A business finance software called ‘Everest’ provides and all-in-one business package for CRM, e-commerce management and finance.

‘NetSuite’ is a recommended business finance software that provides a web-based program which includes tools for traditional accounting functions, customer management and marketing online.

3) Consider a customizable business finance software program:

If you are expanding your business ad already have software tools in place, then a customizable program might be the best choice. Some programs let you tailor while other organizations offer customization services. The business finance software providers for customization services often send a software representative to evaluate the needs of your organization. 

A recommended business finance software is Quickbooks Pro 2009, a software by Intuit, which has customizable features. The program can handle employee information, reporting for specific industries and data tracking.

4) Use freeware providers:

Freeware software is apt for small companies with only a handful of employees. Though it is free, but it can be severely limited in capabilities, therefore choose with utmost care.

Money Manager Ex is a user friendly program which tracks the money flow and helps organize your finances. 

AceMoney Lite provides a single account for business finance software and it is a freeware application software. It does not allow management for multiple accounts.

When you look at business finance software advice and ratings, you can have a look at what other professionals have to say about specific programs. If a particular business finance software has a lot have negative reviews you can stay away from that program.

  • Select a business finance software program. View several other business finance software until you settle on a few versions for reviewing.
  • Read all reviews of the business finance software. Look on the internet and take help of journals for various reviews.
  • Get ratings from the providers of business finance software. Most likely, a provider will allow users to post reviews and ratings of different programs.

1) Read editor reviews:

Various online publications have editorial reviews of different business finance software programs. They talk about key features as well as in some cases have a starred rating system for each program. has great business finance software reviews. If you are satisfied with the ratings and reviews, you can even download many of the mentioned selections as freeware.

CNET also has a good listing of the most popular business finance software programs.

2) Look at the ratings from independent reviewers of business finance software:

Business software and consumer review sites allow users to search their product date base and look for the top rated business finance software programs. 

TopTenReviews is a great website as they rank programs on different parameters like features, support help and ease of use. You can also purchase the software directly from the site. 

ConsumerSearch provides sources for their reviews and ratings of business finance software.

3) Get advice on the usage of business finance software programs:

Once you have the reviews and the ratings of business finance software, you can look out for helpful advice about how to use the program. The advice may include how to and basic operation guidance and trouble shooting techniques.

Check out the Microsoft Small Business site which has information that can help you with the business finance software. Click on the ‘Learning Center’ link for more advice on Microsoft Small Business finance software.

The Small Business Finance Tips has a helpful article on both choosing and using the business finance software selected by you by making a comparison between QuickBooks and Quicken. You can also look out for other filed articles that offer advice on business finance software.

Unless you have a compelling business requirement, it might be the best idea to keep the business finance software data entry to just one person. This will ensure a consistent style and minimal access to sensitive data.

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